Solar hot water systems

Thermosyphon system

The thermosyphon system works using the force of gravity. The system consists of a copper hot water cylinder, a mounting system and solar collectors. The system does not need a mechanical pump to circulate the hot liquid around. It is an ideal solution for producing hot water in warm climates. It can be installed both on a flat and an inclined roof.

Active system

The active systems operate on the same principle as the thermosyphonic systems, except the fact that the hot water storage tank is situated away from the solar collectors. The system requires a pump and a controller in order to circulate the hot liquid around.

Vesta both active and passive systems are manufactured under strict quality control. The hot water cylinders are CE certified. The solar collectors are certified with Solar Keymark. Both production processes are ISO 9001 certified.

Why installing the system makes sense:

  • The system has a payback period of less than 2 years

  • The new generation systems manufactured by Vesta are more than 30% more efficient than the old systems

  • There is a government subsidy for replacing your old system with a new high performance system (applies to Cyprus citizens).

  • You can produce up to 80% of your hot water for free