Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water cylinders

The hot water cylinders manufactured by Vesta are made using the highest quality materials. A complete series of vertical and horizontal cylinders are produced to satisfy customer needs. The cylinders are certified with CE marking to ensure the safety of the user.

Vesta enforces strict quality controls in the production of the cylinders, thus all cylinders are high pressure tested for leakage.
Each product comes with a written warranty.

The production line of the hot water cylinders is ISO 9001 certified.

Range of hot water cylinders:

Size Διάμετρος Low Pressure Length High Pressure Length
100L 48cm 90cm 97cm
150L 58cm 97cm 105cm
200L 58cm 117cm 125cm
250L 58cm - 160cm
300L 58cm - 170cm

CE Marking

Declaration of conformity