Solar Space Heating

Solar space heating

The solar room heating solution from Vesta uses the energy of the sun to deliver a large part of the energy needed for free. Whether you own an appartment, a small town house or a villa Vesta can make your home warmer.

We undertake the design and full installation of your solar room heating system customized to your house needs.

The solar system is set up using Vesta premium solar collectors. The collectors are certified with solar keymark that guaranties their high performance.

The storage water heater is made from carbon steel with internal enamel coating according to DIN 4753-3. It is an ideal cylinder for storing large quantities of hot water. The heat exchanger coils are made from stainless steel.

The solar pump station trolliplus is to be installed in the primary solar circuit. It is suitable for easy wall mounting. The differential controller is integrated into the station making it more compact.

The antifreeze fluid used in Vesta systems needs no mixing with water. It has been specifically designed to be used in solar thermal systems with high loads. The corrosion inhibitors used in the product reliably protect metals normally used in solar technology.

Why installing the system makes sense:

  • You can produce up to 50% of the heating required for your house for free.

  • There is a government subsidy up to 55% of your initial investment (applies to Cyprus citizens)

  • Vesta manufacturers the solar collectors and thus can provide this solution to its customers at a much lower cost

Storage Water Tank

Solar Pump Station

Antifreeze Glycol

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Solar space heating